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It is our mission to provide your child with functional and meaningful therapy services in their natural environment.  We believe in empowering the family and caregivers to support the child in maximizing their abilities in order to reach their full potential.

We want to make sure your kids are motivated and eager to participate in therapy sessions.  We use toys, assistive technology, movement, music, play, sensory items, and any other incentives that work to motivate your child to participate in therapy so they can reach their goals. 

We believe that families are the most significant team player to impact their child’s life.  We don’t just work with the child, we work with the families as well.  Parent education and involvement is crucial to the child’s overall success.  Our goal is to have family members involved in goal planning, therapy, and implementation of all activities to help your child achieve his/her outcomes.

By providing services in the home environment, we are able to develop goals that are meaningful and functional in your child’s everyday life.  We believe that using “real life” situations in the home and community leads to increased success levels in therapy and leads to increased generalization of those skills into other settings.  Goal planning is realistic and based on everyday activities to include siblings and family members for the best possible outcome.